Morning Moods

I have learned something recently that I think is worth sharing:

What you listen to when you drive to work affects your mood when you get there.

Now: I don’t have a long drive to work in the morning.  But for years, I have been listening to sports talk radio for my brief ride. Which means I listen to a lot of ranting, posturing, raving, and the ubiquitous ads for various gentlemen’s clubs around town.

So what kind of mood would I be in upon arrival at work?  Sarcastic, lustful, and opinionated.  In the name of Jesus!

I suppose that’s why in recent months I’ve started back to something on my morning drive that I’d abandoned long ago.  Music.

Some of it secular.  Some of it spiritual. Some of it on CD.  Some of it from the radio.  A little bit of The Lake.  A little of The Ride.  And even some New Life (please, less banter & more Brandon Heath).

The result?

I come to work a bit less jaded and a bit more creative.  Less of the world but more in the world

Just plain better able to work.

I think it’s because I’m exposed to the subtlety of art rather than the bombast of opinion.