More From Haiti

Here’s another first-hand account from our team in Haiti:

A bumpy, dusty ride leads us to a tiny cement refuge filled with angels. “A New Life Orphanage” is the temporary address for the small ones left behind…

As we opened the gate dozens of sets of big brown eyes stared back at us….there was almost an instant connection, that’s what they long for the most, someone to call their own…if only for a few hours.

As we divided them into groups we could see the curiosity an excitement on their little faces.

While one group got their feet washed and heard about the light of our Lord, the other group did crafts and got their nails painted.

They told us about their dreams and their wishes…a pilot, a singer, a lawyer, an engineer – they have so little but no one can take their right to dream.

A hand bell signifies prayer time, the girls grab my hand and lead me to the stairwell where all 71 of them gather and begin to pray and sing and recite scripture in Creole…the sights and sounds of that thirty minutes won’t ever leave our minds or our hearts.