A Mixed Emotions Kind Of Note

I received this poignant note on the back of a Connection Card this past Sunday.  The author is a guy who, along with his wife, has been driving over an hour each way to get to Good Shepherd on a Sunday morning.

My family has been coming to this church for about 10 years now, but unfortunately this will be our last week to attend.  We were blessed to sell our current home and purchase a bigger one that meets our needs, but it’s located in Spartanburg County (two hours away).  I will miss Good Shepherd and the people in it.  I”ve grown so much spiritually thanks to this church.  From being baptized to dedicating my youngest son, the church will always have a special place in my heart.  I pray I can find another church down there and that our move goes well.  Thank you, love you, love God, love Good Shepherd.

So on the one hand I hate to have to say good-bye to nice people like that.

But on the other hand, how priceless is it to hear that this community is impacting people’s lives to a greater degree than we know?


Gerena note