Mish And Mash

A mish mash.

A hodgepodge.

A random sampling of thoughts, insights, and realizations; rarely connected but hopefully helpful:

My life significantly improved when I changed to daily wear contact lenses.  Yes, they are more expensive, but on the other hand I may never have to buy saline solution again.

I am so energized by working on an upcoming series called “Hell Or High Water” that I wonder what took me so long to come up with the idea in the first place.

I know I disappoint people on both the left and the right because my Outrage-O-Meter seldom springs into action.

Good preaching is like excavation … you dig up really old stuff, hold it up, expose it to the light, and then marvel at its beauty.

I have driven Nissans for 21 years straight — two Altimas and, since 2009, a Maxima. 

Sometimes I wonder if “it takes a village” is a nice sounding phrase obscuring the fact that it really takes a mom and a dad.

I have made some really good friends over Twitter.  For real.

Watching this video always makes me happy:

I didn’t do lat pulldowns for about 10 years.  Then I tried them last week.  I think it will be 10 more years before I do so again.

My level of blessing far outweighs my level of obedience.