Million Meal March — Frequently Asked Questions

For the people of Good Shepherd, southwest Charlotte, northern York, and eastern Gaston Counties:

Million Meal March FAQ 

Fed Up With Hunger Sunday
Frequently Asked Questions

What Are We Doing On March 30 at Good Shepherd?
We are harnessing all our Sunday morning people and energy to prepare and package over 250,000 Meals Ready To Eat (MREs).  This is part of a larger effort with fourteen other church to provide 1,000,000 meals by the end of March.

Where Is All This Food Going To End Up?
After we prepare and package the meals, Stop Hunger Now will ship them to famine-stricken regions of Haiti. Stop Hunger Now ( is a faith-based hunger relief agency who has a distribution center on Westinghouse Blvd, about three miles from Good Shepherd.

Why Aren’t We Having Church?
We ARE having church. We are worshipping by feeding. Instead of hearing a sermon, we are being the sermon. Our hands complete the sentences our words start. 

What Time Should I Come?
We will STILL HAVE THREE TIMES ON SUNDAY: 8:30, 10, 11:30.  Instead of “services,” we are calling them “shifts.”  Please come at your normal time . . . however, we encourage as many of you as possible to come at 8:30 so there will be room at 10.  Please plan to work for about an hour.

Will We Have An Offering Sunday?
Yes. Please look for greeters with giving baskets as on a usual Sunday. The first $63,000 of today’s offering goes to this project to pay for the food products and the shipping.

Have We Ever Done Anything Like This Before?
Yes, in October of 2011 our church took part in “Fed Up Sunday” and packaged 192,000 meals in one day.  You can see about  that day here.

What About My Kids?
Children & youth 1st grade and up will be your co-laborers in the Worship Center this morning. For space and safety sake, we ask that parents take pre-schoolers through kindergarten to their normal Sunday morning space in the K-Zone where there will be age specific service projects. Our nursery area will function as normal.

Can I Invite People Who Don’t Go To Good Shepherd?
Yes!  People who don’t believe exactly as we believe are still fed up with hunger.  In 2011, many, many people had their first exposure to Good Shepherd through our meal packing event — and a lot of them stayed around. 

Am I Ever Too Old?
No.  In 2011, we had people in their 90s working alongside young children.  Many of the packing stations will have seats, so you can work while sitting down.

How Does This Fit In With Inviting All People Into A Living Relationship With Jesus Christ?
Inviting All People is our big “what.” Our strategic “how” involves LifeGroups, Serve Teams, Worship Gatherings, and Radical Impact Projects. Sunday is a Radical Impact Project.