Millenial Maze And The Book Of Life

We had Episode Four of NUMB3RS on Sunday. I think it might have been the strongest yet.

Chris Macedo was on fire leading us in praise and worship.

Then James-Michael Smith’s sermon-intro-video got us ready for the message:

The talk itself covered Revelation 20:1-15. We looked at three possible understandings of the “Millenium” from that chapter:

1. Pre-millenialism — meaning that Jesus returns “before” the thousand years and establishes a millenial kingdom on earth.

2. Post-millenialism — meaning that Christ’s return comes after the church establishes the kingdom on earth.

3. A-millenialism — meaning that the time span spoken of here is a symbolic description of the time between Jesus’ resurrection and his return. In other words we, are in the millenium now.

Then there is the pan-millenialist perspective which says, “I don’t know what in the world Revelation 20 is talking about, but it’s all going to pan out in the end.”

After going through the evidence both in Revelation itself and in the whole of the New Testament, I land in the a-millenialist camp. I will say, however, that this is one of those that has a couple of good answers; a good case can be made for the historic pre-millenialist view.

Anyway, the part I like best about Revelation 20 and what we did yesterday has to do with the two types of books in verses 11-15. We contrasted the “Book Of Deeds” in which are recorded all the things we have done while in the body with the “Book Of Life” which contains the names of those who have trusted Christ as Lord. Everyone’s name is in the “Book Of Deeds”; entry into the “Book Of Life” comes by God’s grace through our faith. We closed with an invitation for people literally to sign their names in books we had arranged throughout the Worship Center as an indication that they a) wanted to receive Christ for the first time or b) wanted to re-affirm their faith in a public way. At all three services, hundreds of people responded.

That’s what makes Kingdom work worth it.