Microphone Malfunction

I fought with my microphone all day yesterday.

It started popping at the most inopportune moments during the 8:30 service.  I couldn’t tell if it wasn’t connected to the battery pack correctly or if the cord was caught up in my clothing or even if I just wore the wrong shoes.

By the way, I use one of those over-the-ear models that usually works quite well.  Looks like this:

And although the popping was distracting to both preacher and preached,  I kept plugging along at 8:30, trying to minimize my own movements (since it might be the cord caught up in the shirt) and pretend like nothing was happening.

Before the 10:00 service, our sound people worked feverishly on the equipment and felt pretty sure they’d gotten it all fixed.  They also gave me some advice:  “if it happens this time, just say ‘excuse me,’ take it off and pick up a hand held mike and preach that way.” 

And sure enough, that’s what I had to do.  The popping never stopped and so during the sermons at both 10 and 11:30, I had to pause, partially disrobe (stopping just short of a wardrobe malfunction) and then channel my inner Rod Parsley:

I think Rev. Parsley has a mike permanently attached to his right hand.  And he commands the stage with it — it’s like the harder he clenches it, the more he sweats.

I couldn’t quite pull that off yesterday, but the overall effect at 10 and 11:30 was a bit better than I expected.

Too bad I was preaching on Jonah rather than sowing faith seeds, right?