Methodist Super Bowl Food Drive Shenanigans . . .

Here’s what’s happening:

Methodist Super Bowl


The United Methodists in metro Denver challenged the United Methodists in metro Charlotte to a food drive contest.

Because, you know, our two cities are competing in the Super Bowl.

So we at Good Shepherd are going to be part of these food drive shenanigans.

You know what’s even better?  We were going to collect food over the next week anyway!  Because our good friends in the Good Shepherd Scouting program are doing their annual “Scouting For Food” project between January 31 and February 7.  (You might remember our partnership last spring that collected more pounds of food than any other congregation ever had in Charlotte.  Ever.)

So this Sunday (January 31), you’ll see dozens of Boy and Cub Scouts giving you empty grocery bags.  Complete with instructions on how to fill them.

Then you return your filled bag(s) on January 7 — Super Bowl Sunday.

Like I said, we were going to do this anyway.  Because the sermon series following PrayFast is called Three Weeks Of Love (Feb. 7-21), and we thought, “what better way to turn prayers into love than by collecting food?”  So we’re doing what we were going to do anyway — yet with some competitive juices fired by a Rocky Mountain challenge, I suspect we’ll do bigger and better than ever.

And now — even better — we get to join with the Scouts AND WITH OTHER CAROLINA METHODISTS to give an “In Jesus’ Name Beatdown” to those Mile High Methodists from you know where.