Malaria, Hepatitis, And . . . Rabies?

I spent some time yesterday getting shots and taking pills.

Hepatitis A. Malaria. Hepatitis B. Rabies. Rabies?

No, I didn’t get bit. I just want protection in case I do.

Why did I go through all that?

Because Ron Dozier, Mike Dey, Brian Braunschweiger and I are headed to Cambodia and India on March 6.

Our expedition will involve part revival, part encouragement, and part reconnaisance. We’re going to connect with some old and new Good Shepherd friends, all with an eye to what God would have us do and where he would have us do it in the future.

Because we’re pretty sure that the future of international missions at Good Shepherd will be both narrow and deep.

I’ll explain more what that means in the weeks to come.