Lowlife Week Four — How LOW Can You Go?

Lowlife is not just a Sunday series.

It’s Monday through Saturday as well.

It’s why we’ve had Lowlife Serving Options each Saturday of September as a way of being the message rather than just hearing the messages.

This Saturday, for example, you can help either with a construction/demolition project with our friends at Hoskins Park Ministries or you can help us prepare for the Room In The Inn ministry on the Good Shepherd campus.

Both of those ministries, by the way, are for the benefit of people who are either in the middle of or coming out of homelessness.  In other words, the ministries help people who are currently at a low point in life.

How LOW can you go in response?  Sign up for the Saturday ministries here.

And then the final message of the series Sunday.

8:30.  10.  11:30.