Lowlife Launch Recap

John Pavlovitz started our Lowlife series with a strong message from John 13.

John excels at both wordsmithing and delivery.  Here are some of the highlights from yesterday’s message:

  • Serving doesn’t lead to a reward.  Serving IS the reward.
  • [Reminding our church of the Sunday we packed 193,000 meals for Uganda] You all became the message without listening to one.
  • We enter into a lowlife so that others will be lifted up.
  • Sadly, many of us end up chasing the life that Jesus doesn’t even want for us in the first place.

One of the “high”lights of Lowlife is that we are offering special serving opportunities every Saturday during September as a way of encouraging the people of the church to live into the message.

This Saturday (Sept. 15), the options include preparing and serving lunch at the Charlotte Rescue Mission or washing feet & providing shoes to under-resourced children through our friends at the Neighborhood Good Samaritan Center. 

To be part of either Lowlife ministry, come to Good Shepherd this Saturday at 9:00 a.m.