LoveDare Week Four

LoveDare has its finale this week.
I happen to think we’ve saved the best for last.
It’s called After The Thrill Is Gone and it will be all about the impact of your mind on your closest relationships.
Once again, this series has showed us the power of branding and focus. Branding — from the moment you walk into the lobby of the Worship Center, it is obvious what we are talking about. The visuals, the music playing in the background, the bulletins themselves all begin communicating the message even before the praise and worship starts.
Focus — it’s the only thing we’ve talked about for four weeks. Sermons, study guides, Pathfinder groups, counseling sessions . . . they’ve all focused on love and its dares.
So it wraps up this week.
Bring the thrill back.
Sunday. 8:30. 10:00. 11:30.