Loved Goes Global

This is a picture of Eben Joseph Whisonant.

He’s in Vietnam now.

Soon he’ll be home in the Carolinas. Our very own Cathy Whisonant is there today, deeply involved in the process of adopting him. Shortly, she’ll bring him home to his new family at Good Shepherd.

Cathy is already starting Eben out on the right path — notice the Loved button he’s wearing. She took it to Vietnam so Eben would know from the very beginning that he is loved beyond measure by the One he cannot even see.

The movement is spreading around the world.

Have you gone across the street to give a Loved button to your neighbor who may not even know that they are missed by God?

You can hear yesterday’s message in the Loved series here. Rich Tuttle, who is our Pastor of Congregational Care, delivered it while I was away in Louisiana for my niece’s wedding. The message is called “Counter Conditional Love.”