Love Handles Launch — “Explanations & Excuses”

Love Handles

 Some of us have them.

Some of us hold them.

Some of us want to get rid of them.

They’re love handles.

But they’re actually more than a part of our mid-section.

They’re the source of a question:  do you have a handle on love?  Romantic love?  Family love?  Parental love?  Friendly love?

Can you handle being in love?  Out of love?  Losing love?  Renewing love?

Those are some of the deep questions we’ll address this spring in Love Handles.


April 23:        Explanations & Excuses


April 30:        No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors


May 7:           Bad Romance


May 14:         World Record Record Keeping


May 21:        Makes The World Go Round


May 28:        Knowing Me, Knowing You


Here’s the video: