Lost & Found Launch — “Lost Relationships”

I hope it’s OK that I get truly excited about series we do in July.

You know, that month when a lot of churches take it easy and a lot of pastors can be found anywhere but in the pulpit.

Last July, it was The Storm Before The Calm (available in e-book!).

This year, it’s Lost & Found.

Few things are more frustrating than losing something you really need – like your car keys when you are in a hurry or your umbrella when it’s raising.
And by the same token, finding that which you have lost is a cause for relief and even celebration.
The rhythm of losing and finding goes deeper than car keys and umbrellas.  When we lose things of great value – relationships, hope, trust – many of wonder if finding is even possible.  When you lose what really matters in life can you ever find it again?
We’re going to walk with the prophet Elijah as we answer those questions this summer.
Lost & Found.  Because as Joni Mitchell says “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”
July 13:                 Lost Relationships
July 20:                 Lost Religion
July 27:                 Lost Hope
August 3:             Lost Trust
Here’s the promo video: