Leggo Of My Logo

So we got a new logo.

It went through focus groups, staff dissection, volunteer input, and then final, enthusiastic approval.

Our previous logo — a stylized shepherd holding a lamb — had become dated towards the end of its fourteen year run.

This one conveys Walking Together: the starting point is lightly shaded, suggesting we all start our journeys from different places. But the arrow signifies a unity of purpose. We’re walking towards who Jesus is and what Jesus is about.

Plus, the logo has a clean, modern look that’s easily transferrable onto T-shirts, bulletins, hats, banners, and tennis racket strings.

Just kidding on the last one.

If you’ve seen the glass doors of the church recently, you’ve seen the G that’s virtually impossible to miss.

It looks how we want it to look and says what we want it to say.

And . . . just wait until you see the Worship Center platform on Sunday.