Left Leaning

I’m leaning left these days.

Politics? On occasion, but not as a matter of course.

Theology and doctrine? Extremely rare.

Behind the steering wheel? No, my car is in excellent alignment.

Instead, I’m leaning left because I’ve got a nasty case of bicep tendonitis in my right arm. It comes from over-use and over-confidence in my fitness regimen at the YMCA.

The only cure is rest. Complete rest. Because if a bicep tendon ruptures, the muscle literally moves up into the shoulder area in a moment of excruciating pain and in a manner that requires emergency surgery. No thanks.

But as I rest my right arm, I didn’t want to give up fitness. That’s like giving up breathing. Or mowing the lawn.

So I’m doing all of it now with my left arm only. Using only dumbells, I’m working on shoulder, chest, tricep, bicep, and back on the left side only. It’s awkward and weird . . . but it’s a lot better than watching TV, snarfing down nachos, and getting a preacher pouch.

I’ll let you know when I can balance out all this left wing radical stuff in my life.