Large And Deep

At Good Shepherd, we strive to be not only a large church but a deep church as well.

Which means that in addition to reaching out to welcome new people to worship, we also want to grow the people who are already here into more mature, more faithful followers of Christ.

That’s why we have our Passage School Of Theology.

The word Passage is a double entendre.

No, not that kind.

Passage hints not only at studying “passages” of the bible, but also the idea of walking through a corridor as part of a journey. Or, as part of walking together.

So each semester, we assemble some of the best local teaching talent and offer a slate of short-term classes on different areas of the Christian life.

This semester’s school has classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Topics range from I Peter to Exodus to Spiritual Gifts to Loving & Respecting Your Husband. Wherever you are on your walk in faith and your walk with Good Shepherd, we believe there is a high-quality class to help you grow deep as a person.

And help us grow deep as a church.

You can learn about and sign up for Passage classes here.