Ladies’ Life Tonight — Pretty Special Speaker

When you grow up in a Roman Catholic family in New York City, becoming a pastor’s wife is simply not on your radar.

Yet that’s what happened to my wife, Julie.

To say she is not a “typical” pastor’s wife would be an understatement.  She doesn’t play the pipe organ, bake with the auxiliary (whatever that is!), or have a blog defining herself in terms of her relationship to me.

Actually, when it comes to our relationship, it is fair to say that I am almost as much a “Vice President’s Husband” as she is a “Pastor’s Wife” — she is a VP of sales for a medical device firm, a job that takes her across the country and around the world leading her team.

Here she is, along with me and our children Taylor (25) and Riley (22).

Flamily 4 Best T & C

So why am I telling you all this?

Because this evening at 7 p.m. at Good Shepherd, Julie is the featured speaker at Ladies’ Life, a quarterly event hosted by our LifeGroups ministry.  She’ll tell her story through the lens of hearing the inner voice of God.  There are already over 250 women signed up to come, but there’s room for more.  And you can’t beat the price: free.

Ladies Life

To pre-register, go to

See you there!  (I will be very discreet in my presence.)