Kinetic Christianity

Kinetic is a fancy word for movement. I know this because my wife works for Kinetic Concepts, Incorporated (KCI), a leading edge medical device firm originally focused on movement therapy.

But we at Good Shepherd are emphasizing kinetics in this season of our life. As part of our Walking Together motto, we always want people to take their next steps towards Christ. In other words, we want them moving in their faith.

That’s what Heroes is all about: moving people out of their seats and into the ministry of the kingdom.

That’s also what our Pathfinder groups are about: moving people out of isolation and into conversation; out of of complacency and into bible study.

Previously, I’ve counted our “success” by how many people move into the seats on a Sunday morning.

Now I’m counting it by how many move out of their seats and into their next step towards Jesus.

What is your movement like today?

Is your faith stagnant or . . . kinetic?