Just Some Questions I’ve Been Pondering . . .

Here are a few questions running around in my head this week . . .

1.  Based on the theory of Occam’s Razor — “among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected” — isn’t it most likely that the Malaysian jet had a catastrophic event related to equipment and not people?  The chain of events is more easily explained by an electrical fire or sudden loss of air pressure than by a seven hour suicide plunge or, more remotely, a safe, secret landing in central Asia.

2.  In the wake of a life in which he failed at everything he tried — including the first two shots! — how did Lee Harvey Oswald have such gruesome, lethal accuracy on that third shot on 11.22.63?

3.  Why do people with Alzheimer’s Disease remember details from 60 years ago with remarkable clarity but can’t remember what they had for lunch today?  Or if they had lunch today.  Baffling and sad.

4.  Why did SMU football’s Death Penalty in 1987 somehow apply to its basketball team’s NCAA hopes in 2014?

5.  What do my colleagues on the UMC Left think victory for their cause would look like were we to change our official denominational teaching on same sex marriage and homosexual clergy?  How would they lead a connection that was suddenly bereft of many of its churches and the dollars those churches contribute to keep the system intact?

6.  Did the Pistachio Growers of America really think this was a good commercial?

7.  Speaking of pistachio, why would anyone ever order any ice cream OTHER than chocolate?

8.  Will Don Henley ever release another solo album?

9.  Why is the level of blessing in my life so far beyond my level of obedience?