Jaw Droppers, Week 1 — The Light Saber Miracle

Here’s our Jaw Droppers bumper:


What’s a jaw dropper?

One of Jesus’ miracles that left its original spectators with mouths open wide in amazement.

And over the next five weeks, we’re entering into these stories in a way I hope and pray will do the same for us.

It all starts this week as we explore an event in which Jesus becomes a human light saber; a miracle not of doing but of being.

To see what I mean, it’s this Sunday.  8:30.  10.  11:30.

Because sometimes, there just aren’t words.

Here’s the rest of the series:

March 6:     The Not A Miracle Miracle

March 13:  The Saliva Miracle

March 20: The Walking Dead Miracle

March 27:  The Nonsense Miracle (Easter weekend)