It’s So Much Better Than Football

I admit that many times during the NFL season I lament having Sunday evening responsibilities at church.

There are times when I wish I could simply lounge at home and watch the late afternoon game in its totality.

Yesterday, I harbored some of those feelings as I made my way back to Good Shepherd to lead the Men’s LifeGroup we started back in October.

Yet after 90 minutes of video lesson, conversation, salty snacks, encouragement, and prayer I realized that the NFL had not even crossed my mind during that time.

We were dealing with matters of eternity and not triviality.

The reality is this: had I done my best couch potato impression all afternoon and early evening, I would have felt lethargic and uninspired.

Yet by engaging in life and in matters of the spirit, I was energized and motivated.

All in all, a much better way to spend time than watching football.