It’s Bigger Than Church

Not long ago, I saw a church describe itself as “an incredible move of God.”

My first thought was, “Man, that’s brash. Isn’t that the kind of thing you let other people say about you instead of claiming it for yourself?”

Yet as I considered that description for a few moments, I later realized, “oh, that’s genius.”

Because most of us describe our churches and their purposes in terms of . . . church. As if the goal of a church is simply to have a bigger, better, warmer church.

But that’s ridiculous. A church is never an end. It is only a means to an end.

A means to something much bigger and much more incomprehensible than itself. A means to God himself.

My gosh, how different would Good Shepherd be if we longed to be nothing more than a vehicle in which the life & movement of God himself could flourish?

How different would our individual lives be if we longed for the same?

An incredible move of God? Let it flow.