It’s A Living Thing, Week One

Something new is underway at Good Shepherd.

We’re reshaping, refining, and revisioning what our church is all about.

And it all starts with the Big What: what is it that we are doing? What is our purpose in establishing this presence on this corner?

After almost a year of conversation, prayer, and dialog, we’ve landed here. We are . . .

Inviting All People Into A Living Relationship With Jesus Christ.

That’s who we are and what we do. It’s our mission. We’re inviting everyone we know not into a building or into a religion or even into a worship service. We’re inviting people into a living relationship with a living Lord.

It truly is a living thing.

September 18: Inviting

September 25: All People

October 2: A Living Relationship

October 9: Jesus Christ

Sunday. 8:30. 10:00. 11:30.