“It Runs In The Family,” Week 4 — “Deep Pockets”

God has been very good to us during the “It Runs In The Family” series.  I have sensed that many of you have begun to live its truths and principles inside your homes.

This Sunday the series winds up with “Deep Pockets,” a look at what we want to run in our families in terms of possessions, resources, money, faith, and the intersection of all those.

I am more than a little excited for what Sunday will look like.  I may even have to have a wardrobe change.  For years, many of my colleagues have worn suits or robes for “traditional” services and then dressed more casually for the “contemporary” service.  We don’t have that.

But we DO have an 8:30 OUTDOOR service (live with people!) followed by a 10 a.m. Livestream broadcast in our Moss Road worship center.

Even in the “cool” of the 8:30 morning, I suspect I will soak through a shirt preaching outdoors.  It is a dog day of August after all.

So wardrobe change, two venues, all kinds of anticipation, but one inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ mission.

8:30 Live in the Moss Road parking lot

10:00 on all of our broadcast platforms

See you then!