Is What It Took To Get You Where You Are What It Takes To Get You Where You’re Going?

As I listened to some of the leading pastoral voices in Methodism speak on such subjects as avoiding burnout, staff relationships, and time management, a question kept running through my mind:

Is what it took to get us where we are what it will take to get us where we are going?

Here’s what I mean. Part of the reason for whatever effectiveness Good Shepherd has had through the years has been its ability to maintain a small church feel while becoming a large church.

That involves things like hand-written notes, pastoral availability, hospital visitation, and a dedicated effort to remember not only names of people but facts about them.

Yet will that kind of attention to detail on both my part and the part of other staffers ultimately constrict our growth?

I’m not sure.

However it happens, I want us always to keep that “high touch, low threat” feel. It’s part of our DNA, and I am praying for ways to makes sure that particular genome infiltrates every part of our church in the future.

Because even if techniques must change, values cannot.