What Inviting All People Looks Like

I got this note from someone on our staff:

I just got a much-needed haircut at Great Clips. I enjoyed talking with (female name) as she worked on my hair. She moved here a week ago from Chicago. One thing led to another and I invited her to visit Good Shepherd this Sunday. She got so excited and said she had cut a man’s hair earlier today and he had told her about his church and that it was diverse and so welcoming. Two invites to the same church was all the confirmation she needed and she plans to come on Sunday. I don’t know who the mystery man was but loved hearing her tell about what he shared about Good Shepherd.

Inviting all people apparently includes both shaggy people and those who trim them back to shape.

Inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ is not just a mission we cheer; it’s a lifestyle we own.