Inviting All People Includes Oklahomans and Filipinos

This week, forty-seven of Good Shepherd’s finest are serving in the mission field.

Thirty-four students, staffers, and volunteers are in Moore, Oklahoma, site of the devastating 2013 tornado.  There they are helping Oklahomans rebuild their homes and restore their lives.

Oklahoma + July + Construction = Heat.  Even though it’s a “dry heat,” it’s a merciless heat.  Here’s part of the crew:

And what would a student mission trip be without a Van Selfie?  Not much, so here goes:

Meanwhile, thirteen women from GSUMC are in the Philippines helping to train and encourage Filipina church leaders.  Check out the aqua-tinted team shirts!

And the small group discussion:

If you ever get cynical about the quality of people in the world . . . well, I invite you to take a look at all these inviters we have at Good Shepherd.

All people indeed.