I’m Biased

I’m not objective when it comes to Pathfinder.

It’s one of the best things we do at Good Shepherd, and I say that because I’ve been involved with it as a participant.

Pathfinder is our easy on-ramp to group life at this church. It’s where community begins. It makes a big church feel small. You get the picture.

Our fall launch for Pathfinder groups is tonight at 7 p.m. There’s still room to sign up, and child care is provided.

By the time the evening is finished, dozens of Good Shepherd people will have made new connections and friendships and they’ll be anchored into a small group for the next six weeks. And what happens when those groups meet?

Well . . . it’s not Bible study, though there is spiritual conversation, usually based on that week’s sermon. It’s not an accountability group, though people do pray for one another. It’s not group therapy, though I’ve seen some amazingly therapeutic things happen in it.

To know exactly what happens, come out tonight at 7. You can pre-register here. There are a lot of you I want to get to know better, and I believe Pathfinder is the best way to make that happen.