I Should Have Said This

Every once in awhile, I think of something I should have said in a sermon.

This past Sunday was just such a case.

I had a nice riff that went along these lines:

Some of you have issues at work. Some of you have issues with your boss and you can’t imagine ever being good enough for him or her. Others of you have issues with your co-workers and the thought of getting up tomorrow morning and having to interact with those people already has your stomach in knots. And then others of you have issues with the people who report to you and you can’t figure out how to hold them accountable in such a way that they still like you — or even if such a thing is possible.

Like I said, a pretty nice riff there. Not like Keith Richards on Satisfaction but I could tell people were saying, “yep, got that. That’s me.”

So what should I have said? That I only realized at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon?

I should have finished the section with: And some of you ARE the issue.

Whew. Because a lot of us are the issue. Especially at work. The common denominator in most of our work struggles is . . . us.

Are you the issue?