I Like Duke

I didn’t go there for college or seminary.

No one in my family went there.
Most people want them to lose.
But to the extent I follow college basketball and the Final Four (moderate), I want Duke to win it all.
Is it because some people say I look like Coach K?
Is it because some of my best preacher friends did in fact go to divinity school there?
Is it because it’s somewhere in North Carolina?
Is it because I’ve liked them ever since the 1978 team came out of oblivion and into prominence, advancing to the title game before losing to Kentucky?
Is it because they last won in 2001, led by Shane Battier?
Is it because when they beat Baylor last weekend, the Methodists finally beat the Baptists?
Its’ a little bit of all of those.
In the middle of an Easter crush weekend, I’ll be pulling for Duke to win it all.
Don’t hate me for it.