I Can’t Believe They’re Doing That In Church . . .

On most Sundays, I like to have one element that will make people do a double take.

The kind of thing that will make them say to themselves, “I can’t believe they’re doing that in church!”

For example, our Fight Of Your Life series started with the band playing Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger” while clips from Rocky flashed on the screen. Not what you’d expect at a Methodist church.

In fact, I found out that a woman in attendance last Sunday called her husband during “Eye Of The Tiger” (um, I normally discourage cell phone use during the service, but this was cool!), so that he could hear what he was missing over the cell phone.

It’s an unorthodox way of inviting someone to church, but I’ll take it.

Because when you do the unexpected, you can expect an impact.

We’ve got a couple of “I can’t believe . . . ” moments coming this Sunday as well.

Make sure no one has to call you to let you in on the surprise.