“How Much More” Starts Sunday — First Sermon Is “OOOPS I Did It Again.” Yes, That’s Really Its Name

A lot of us settle in life.

We settle for less than our best when it comes to our relationships, our professions, our hobbies, and even our faith.

But why settle when you can savor? Why be content with less when more is not only desirable but available?

Throughout the New Testament we find an oft-repeated yet frequently ignored phase: HOW MUCH MORE. Over and over again, it is the biblical writers’ way of reminding readers that we don’t follow a God of scarcity. We don’t worship a God of mediocrity. We follow a God of abundance. And we worship a God of excellence.

How much more of life and of the Spirit are you willing to claim? It’s a journey taking us to Easter and beyond.

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April 5: Ooooops, I Did It Again

April 12: Rocks And Hard Places

April 19: God’s Love Language

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