Hosting A Leading Edge Conference At Good Shepherd

For the next couple of days, Good Shepherd will be hosting the Leading Edge Children’s Ministry Conference.

What is the Leading Edge?

It’s the collection of the 100 largest United Methodist churches in the country in terms of worship attendance.  (I think Good Shepherd, at about 1,950 people per Sunday in 2014, would land between #40 and #50 on that list.)

Ever since 2008, the pastors of these churches have gathered together annually for a time of encouragement, fellowship, and sharing of best practices.  Among other places, I have blogged on it here and here.

Since Leading Edge began meeting six years ago, they have developed other ways of connecting churches of similar size and vision together.  So supplemental meetings for Business Managers, Student Ministry Pastors, and Children’s Ministry Departments have been added to the menu.

The Leading Edge leaders asked us if we’d like to host the Children’s Ministry Conference and we of course said yes.

So throughout Thursday and Friday, children’s ministry teams from large United Methodist churches in places like Kansas City, Kansas and College Station, Texas will assemble at the corner of South Tryon and Moss Road to learn, laugh, and pray.

I bet they even hear the phrase inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ a time or two.  Or ten.