Hidden Heroes, Week 3 — The Maybe Hero

This coming sermon concerns a young man but it is about a young church.

The young man is Archippus from Colossians 4 — the same place where we have seen all our other hidden heroes.

The young church is Good Shepherd.

To see how those two intersect and to hear some of the biggest news coupled with one of the most exciting videos we’ve ever shown here, you’ll want to come Sunday at 8:30, 10, or 11:30.

If you have surgery, cancel it.

If you have a trip planned, cut it short.

If you have Panthers tickets, come on. The game starts at one, people.  You can easily come at 8:30 or 10:00.  That is, if you want to hear the biggest news involving our church in a long, long time.

Will we be a group of “maybe” heroes?

Or something more?