Hidden Heroes Launch — The “What Can Brown Do For You?” Hero

We don’t like to look for our heroes, do we?  We like them to come to us.
It’s why our superheroesfly through the air.  It’s why our sports heroes leap from our television screens.  And why our artistic heroes sing from our radios, act in our movies, and write in our books.  
Yet, there are some heroes who have gone into hiding.  There are some heroes we have to look for.  People who are willing to rise up, take a stand, and make a difference.  Those kind of heroes have to be located and persuaded.  
Because when you think about, the most secretive hero most of us know is the one hiding out inside of . . . us.
Hidden Heroes. A journey from Colossians 4 that will find the hero dwelling within.
October 12:     The What Can Brown Do For You? Hero
October 19:     The AWOL Hero
October 26:     The Maybe Hero
November 2:   The Epic Fail Hero
November 9:   The Anti-Hero Hero
November 16: The Hulk Hogan Hero
November 23: The Sugar Momma Hero