Psalm 28:7 stopped me in my tracks recently:

The Lord is my stength and my shield;
my hearts trusts in him,
and I am helped.
It’s the last line that gets me.
Not “I hope to be helped.” Not “I might be helped.” Not “sometimes I am helped.”
Instead, a simple, powerful declaration: “I am helped.”
So put yourself in the story of the psalm, place yourself in the words.
When ministry threatens to make me crash and burn: “I am helped.”
When grief overwhelms me: “I am helped.”
When job loss depresses me: “I am helped.”
When family turmoil surrounds me: “I am helped.”
When self-doubt haunts me: “I am helped.”
When anxiety grips me: “I am helped.”
When my blessings are greater than my obedience: “I am helped.”