Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed . . . .

That the same injury which ended Mark McGwire’s career, patella tendinitis, is threatening Rafael Nadal’s?

That when you spend a little more for items of higher quality you spend less in the long run because they last longer?

That the man recently convicted in Charlotte of murdering a pregnant woman was convicted of a double homicide?  So for the purposes of a murder prosecution, a child in utero is . . . a person.  Hmmmm.

That you can mention the words “church,” “religion,” and “faith” in polite company, but the word “Jesus” is a real conversation stopper?

That the harder you work, the luckier you get?

That anything termed a “Wake Up Call” through the years — whether it has to do with drug use, underage drinking, STDs, or cultural violence — hasn’t woken us up?

That the more you give away, the less you miss it?

That “high touch / low threat” ways of sharing the gospel usually work better than the bullhorn method?

That people in the middle of great sadness or grief need your presence more than your advice?