Have You Ever Wondered . . .

Some things I’ve been wondering recently . . .

Will the University of North Carolina ever be good at football?

Will Alabama ever be good at basketball?

Why would someone ever smoke in an airplane lavatory?  The signs telling you NOT TO are there because someone TRIED TO, you know.

Why would someone use the word “lavatory” instead of bathroom?

Will January football ever matter in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Do people who use the phrase “thinking outside the box” realize that by using that phrase they are not thinking outside the box?

Do rock stars who rail against corporate greed in their music every think twice about leaving the concert in a stretch limo?

How in the world does Wally Lamb think up all those good novels?

Are we creating the kinds of churches that our grandchildren will never attend?

What would it be like to live in Turks and Caicos?

What difference will it make when the Bobcats become the Hornets?

Why did Jethro Tull actually name a song “Locomotive Breath”?  And what does Locomotive Breath smell like, anyway?

What did I do for nutrition before Reese’s invented the Nutrageous bar?