Half-Time Adjustment

Our first service went well at 8:30 yesterday.

But the band thought it could have gone better. Part of the praise set included O Praise Him, a richly textured song by David Crowder. Yet Crowder’s stuff can be difficult to sing, and our church has just never gotten the hang of that particular tune.

As a result, that moment in worship lacked some participation and energy.

So as I was shaking hands after that first service, I heard the band rehearsing Sing To The King, which our church not has the hang of but loves.

Without prompting from me, they changed things in the middle of a Sunday.

That’s very unusual for us.

But they pulled it off. Brilliantly. It helps that no one leads Sing To The King with as much passion and power as our own April Geiger.

So while 8:30 went well, 10 and 11:30 went better. All thanks to the leadership and flexibility of our musicians. My only role was to shake hands and stay out of the way.