Guiding Principles For Returning To “Indoor” Worship

We distributed this video last week to answer the question, “When are we coming back?”

Here are the principles in writing:

We value being right over being first.
We anticipate a rush to open by some churches in our area. We will resist the temptation to be among “the first” and will instead focus on the wisdom and clarity necessary to do it right.

We value humility over certainty.
We will acknowledge that we really are “building a plane in mid-air” and that even the experts frequently adjust their expertise during this season.

We value “our good” over “my rights”.
We will dig deep into the counter-cultural wisdom of I Corinthians 8 and Romans 14 and in so doing equip the people of the church to set aside their rights – and their opinions and their comfort – for the collective good of the Body of Christ at Good Shepherd.

We value community.
We use the words “living relationship” with great purpose: living things don’t grow alone. That’s why we value community, recognizing that people grow their faith best through relationship with other. We anticipate that in advance of “live worship” we will have live groups, re-establishing the human touch so essential to our move towards maturity.

We value a church experience that is neither awkward nor awful.
Gathering in person and indoors will be worth the effort and the risk to pull it off when we offer: 1) children’s programming; 2) musical participation and not mere performance; 3) a physical environment that encourages conversation and interaction; and 4) the weekly sneak preview of heaven with every race, age, ethnicity, tribe and tongue giving unified praise to our risen Savior.