Guest blogging for Talbot from India

Hi everyone! This is James-Michael Smith, one of the members of GSUMC’s India team.

Talbot is out this afternoon filming some sermons that our ministry partner here will be featuring on his national television program…which means that Talbot’s to over a billion people. Pretty amazing if you stop to think about it.

So he’s asked me to post today’s blog and share some pictures from the trip so you can get an idea of what we’ve been up to. Here are some of them…

[To see more of them, visit my Facebook album from the trip.]

It’s been an amazing trip, full of incredible people. The faith of these pastors who serve villages in the face of persecution, poverty and conditions that would make Bear Grylls think twice is humbling beyond my ability to communicate.

The fact that GSUMC has been able to partner with two ministries in such a place is a blessing indeed…for them and for us as well!

Please continue to pray for these pastors and their beautiful feet!

And pray for us as we begin the 2 day journey back home tomorrow!