Guest Blogger Diana Setter: Though A Staffer Departs, Phrases Remain . . .

Diana Setter has served on our staff in the Student & Family Ministry Department since 2014.  Her final day on the job was July 31, as she is moving back home to family and community in Wisconsin.  We will miss her greatly.


And, unknown to me, Diana punctuated her final day at work with this Facebook post listing some Good Shepherd phrases that will stick with her.  She could not have penned a better epilogue and tribute to what this place and its people are about.

Her reflections show us yet again that words make worlds.

Here it is, complete with a gorgeous B & W photo she took of our new Living Room expansion:


On my last day of employment at Good Shepherd, I am reflecting on all that I learned here. There are 5 phrases that I found so helpful and/or profound that I will keep using them and pass them off as my own.


“Living Relationship”– Unlike a personal relationship, which people then think is something that is private. Living more accurately describes a life of following Jesus. Living things grow and change- so should our relationship with Him.

“Celibacy in singleness and faithfulness in heterosexual marriage.” – This so succinctly describes the Bible’s teaching on sex- I can’t help but use it.

“Awake to the Holy Spirit”– I have long had a hard time explaining the Holy Spirit. We talk about being filled with the Spirit, but then Scripture also says that all Christians already have the Spirit. I find this helpful. All Christians have the Spirit, we just need to be awake and paying attention to what He is doing.

“The Bible is not a book, it’s a library.” – I actually really didn’t like this one at first, I like thinking of the Bible as one big story and it is bound together like a book. However, I really appreciate that it points out that there are several types of literature present in the Bible, something that is important to consider when studying.

“Accept and Challenge.” – Christians use to be known for being judgmental and having lots of rules. Now it seems like churches so want to be liked by the world they emphasize the loving and accepting side of God, without asking that people obey God’s commands. This little phrase sums up what is needed. Accept people where they are, but challenge them to obey, even when it hurts.