Guest Blog From Bhubaneswar — Brent Burdick

Brent Burdick here as Talbot wanted me to guest blog for him today.  That, and the fact that he is too technologically inept to upload my photos!  Anyway, this is the church I preached at while Talbot was preaching in Raikia. The church building was burned down in the 2008 uprising and rebuilt recently.

These are the women of the church. They sit on one side and the men sit on the other. Look at all the beautiful Indian saris!

Here we are worshiping with and getting ready to teach the pastors. James Michael Smith on the left, me in the middle, and Pastor Talbot. You should hear the drums!

Talbot found time after a busy day of teaching to go for a camel ride on the beach!

Keep praying for the believers in India, especially those who face persecution. Pray for all the pastors we have been teaching as they go back to their homes after the training sessions. It’s been a great trip for us here! We return to the US on Friday.