Grace Breaks Out During A Survey

This past Sunday we took the unusual step of distributing and completing a survey during our worship gathering.

At all four services, we took ten minutes and worshipped by completing a snapshot questionnaire that helps us gauge where we are most (and least) effective at inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

But during the 11:30 gathering, something happened that far transcends any information we can glean from the surveys we took.

At that service, one of our Good Shepherd regulars who is a paraplegic was seated in his motorized chair near the front row of seats. As a paraplegic, he has no movement from his neck down.  The survey method involved completing a questionnaire using paper and pen.

Uh oh.

Yet as the 10 minutes began, a woman sitting one row behind our friend who is paraplegic came to life.  Quietly, subtly, yet unmistakably, she moved from her seat to crouch beside his chair.  She and he read each question together, and she marked down his answers.  His age, his zip code, his level of involvement, even his desire for deeper connection.

No one asked the woman to do this ministry.  She saw a need and met it without acclaim or fanfare.

And now his voice will be heard as we navigate our future.

That’s what it means to see a living relationship with Jesus Christ right before your eyes.