God Knows Better Than I Do What Is “Good”

I have a confession.

Not that kind, silly.

No, my confession is that I had very low expectations for Boundaries With Kids. In fact, I didn’t even want to do it at this time.

My original “series schedule” had us doing something else during August followed by a parenting emphasis in September and October. Yet due to some larger scale schedule changes around here — changes to which I agreed only reluctantly — we ended up doing Boundaries in August.

And even then, I only felt “OK” about the message and service preparation.

But like the title of the post says, God knows better than I do what is good. And what is needed.

The response to what we’ve talked about on Sunday mornings in this series has been overwhelming. Our crowds have been large, interest has been high, and families are being changed.

Add to that, the communities we are building through the BWK Discussion Groups have helped new friendships form and new disciples grow.

All in all, as many people are telling me, “one of our best series ever.”

Hmmm. Maybe we should do more series that I don’t want to do.