Fund Raisers & The Church

This weekend I led a group through our First Step class, which is the vehicle for membership at Good Shepherd Church. It was a fun group, full of people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and expectations.

But the group got the most energized when I told them about our church’s policy towards fund raisers: we don’t have them.

That’s right. No bake sales. No raffles. No car washes. No barbecues. No pumpkin patches. All the people in First Step breathed a sigh of relief: it was if they were saying, “thank you Jesus!”

We don’t do fund raisers because we do God’s appointed fund raiser each week: we receive a Sunday offering.

You do that, you teach tithing, you set budget with foresight and boldness, and you’ll never need to do a fund raiser. Ever.

You can listen to yesterday’s message — “I Feel Completely Inadequate” — here.