Follow Up

Several times in recent weeks I have been present when people have prayed to give their lives to Christ.

It’s been happening in my office or in our Worship Center.

What a privilege to see God extend the invitation and then to have people respond in faith.

But what next? What are the best next steps for someone who has much such a commitment?

I’m not great at that part . . . but I have been trying to put more focus on the follow up. Here’s my approach:

1. Make sure they have a good bible — preferably an NIV Student Bible.

2. Assign the Gospel of John. Twenty-one chapters in twenty-one days.

3. When they finish, have them read it again.

4. Schedule another personal appointment.

5. Connect them with a good small group or Sunday School class.

6. Encourage/insist they put their faith to action by taking part in First Serve.

What else would you add?