Fixed Blinds

I was away this weekend at my nephew’s wedding in Highlands, North Carolina. It’s a pretty spectacular place and the wedding itself kept pace with its surroundings.

But when I checked back in to church on Sunday night, I noticed that some of the blinds in the Worship Center had been fixed. They had been askew for several weeks and because of their height and placement you need a hydraulic lift to get to them.

It would have been easy to say, “We can wait. It’s just the blinds. They’re small. No one notices anyway.”

But no. I got back and they’d been dealt with and repaired. And it looked better in there.

I’m glad we have people who are looking out for those items some folks might consider to be small or minor. Because in ministry and in leadership you can be trusted with the “much” only when you have first been faithful with the “little.”

Didn’t someone else say that first?